Friday, April 19, 2013

One More, Please

The  day I left Winston, a storm was hitting Boston. On the plus side, I didn't have to sit through a snowstorm with a foot of accumulation.

However, I was stick in Philly.

Despite being slammed by hundreds of stranded travelers, I was able to secure a room at the Philly Marriott. But, wow, it was depressing.

The River Grill—the hotel's restaurant—was under renovation, so  a makeshift cafe was set up in the lobby-area. The food was bad, and the waitress who was working the busy dinner crowd solo was grimly chipper. Just go with it.

I couldn't get a flight to Boston for a few days, but fortunately, I was able to fly into Manchester, NH the next morning. This actually worked out better for me since my folks picked me up with my dog, and brought me back to town...saving me a drive to NH. It was very nice of them.

But, altogether, from the warm weather, to the fun cafes in downtown Winston, to the lower hotel rates, I wish I had just stayed the extra night in NC. To say nothing of Michael.

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