Monday, August 31, 2009

Wonder Woman Week: WW vs. Cheetah

I've been criticized from time to time because I haven't given enough airtime to Wonder Woman. So here we go—a whole week of Wonder Woman!

It's the time of year for the annual Wonder Woman Day charity art auction. This is the 3rd year I have participated. Here's how it works: artists (including many past WW artists) donate original art for an auction benefiting a women's shelter in Oregon. There have been some great pieces in the past (do your own Google search!).

After I've submitted my line art, I've colored the drawings, and posted here to Blogspot and occasionally sell as prints. I colored this year's with Painter, again, practicing with the chalk tool. I'm far from great, but I can definitely see improvement from my earliest manglings.

The inspiration for my WW vs. Cheetah is a poster I had as a kid, of the pair wrestling high above skyscrapers. Presumably NYC, as there was a New Year's ball-looking thing on one of the rooftops. For years, I thought, "what is that thing?!?" as it was really tough to tell what was; so I don't feel bad that you will be saying the same about my drawing.

UPDATE: the poster was kindly found for me on the internet. See, kind of tough to tell what's going on.


Rainbow said...

Seems top me a female Marsupilami

Anonymous said...

Mr. fish, have you ever thought of making some of these larger horizontal images into computer wall paper dimensions so us fans can look at your work whenever we are on the computer? This one would be especially nice!

Tim Fish said...

Anon: thanks for the kind words! I hadn't thought about that, and I am afraid that's the sort of project that loves to linger on my to do list :-\

Matt28800 said...

As i said...

Seeing your version first the original inspiration is a little lack luster. Your Cheetah vs. Wonder Woman has such tension, and the lasso in yours as well is dynamic and involved where in the original she just looks like tarzan swinging on a vine. Good job!

Anon: seems u and i have the same idea, as I am currently using a stretched version of WW vs. Cheetah (stolen from this blog, he he he)as my desktop.

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