Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer '09 reading list

Fish-philes know I don't read many new comics; but lately, due to friends' recommendations and Comic Con, I have been reading a nice handful:

Godland (Casey/Scioli) which is fun but may veer more toward "Kirby knock-off" than "Kirby inspired."

Charlatan Ball (Casey/Suriano) is also fun and the art is amazing!

X-Men First Class (various) to catch up on work from my comics pal Colleen Coover.

Rex Mundi (Arvid Nelson et al) which has an intricate, well thought through plot...a little tough to follow here and there, but a good read.

The sketchbook image to the left are the two doctors from Rex Mundi. I like the image overall, but I really F'd up the Eiffel Tower. It looked ok in blue pencil, but when I inked it, the perspective went all wrong. Oh well.

I'll keep you posted...there's a lot on my to-read pile.


Xavier said...

Godland: I was also appealed by the kirbish style but finally gave up 5-6 issues later because finally the art was slightly turning a little ugly. To this day, I can't find better than Jose Ladronn Cable. Too bad, i already sold them!

x-men first class: I don't know about this one but Wolverine first classis a delight (the first wolverine serie I ever bought)

Rex mundi: I saw and met the former penciller of the serie at Angouleme, he's really nice-looking! :p

Jean-Paul Jennequin said...

I just had a look at the Eiffel Tower from my window and yours looks kinda okay, don't worry.

Anonymous said...

looks pretty darn good to me...

Rvid said...

Yo, Tim! It's Arvid, the writer-dude of Rex Mundi. I love the pinup, it looks grrreat!

Would you believe there's not a SINGLE image of the Eiffel Tower in Rex Mundi? That was on purpose. There's this photographer, Eugène Atget, we used a lot of his photos for reference. He haaaated the Eiffel Tower, never photographed it, so we left it out of the comic in deference to him.

I'm going to track down Cavalcade of Boys now, it looks awesome.

Xavier -- yes, Juan is, indeed, very hot. Sort of looks like James Bond. We're both married, but secretly, I'd go gay for him.

Tim Fish said...

Arvid, thanks for looking here! I will keep my eye out for you at future cons. Compared to most of Paris, the tower is a bit ugly...but I am a fan of deco, so it still works for me. RM is great!