Monday, August 10, 2009

Mom's garden

I drew this a few months ago and never posted. In recent years, my mom has taken to gardening, and she has a few very nice displays, blooming from spring through late summer. This one surrounds a lovely old birch tree. I was up in NH this past weekend, and was enjoying the gardens again. I like to go up there as much as I can in August. June is very busy for me due to my day job, and July tends to be busy because of comics. That leaves August for some summer relaxing, and escaping the nastiest of city weather. This weekend, I actually helped with a little yardwork! Very unlike me. I also read some comics, and did some drawing. A nice weekend overall. Although, usually on these summer trips, I indulge myself in some extraordinarily light reading (Nancy Drew, Dana Girls, etc.). But this time, I had no such book to read. Maybe I will pull some classic entries from my old blog discussing Nancy Drew. You can find my Dana Girls entry on this blog.

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Anonymous said...

Love the Birch Tree. Looks so peaceful. :-)