Thursday, August 20, 2009


Bewteen its short distance between point A and point B, and the thousands of bike-friendly foreigners here, Boston is a walker-biker town.

I myself bike most days to work, year-round. Yes, including January and February. And August. Except if the roads are really awful, then I am too fearful of the conditions to take that risk. I've been knocked off my bike in traffic twice in good weather...I don't need even more negative factors against me!

In June we saw much rain, and I relied on the subway and foot. But one day, I saw this fellow in a horribly busy intersection biking in a terrific downpour, wearing a suit, with a backpack, and holding an umbrella.

Insane! I hope he survived his trek to work.


Xavier said...

Does Boston have a rent-a-bike service similar to the one in Paris, Lyon, Toulouse...

Tim Fish said...

not similar to the Paris and Lyon services, but you can certainly rent bikes here.

Matt28800 said...

New York has a booming new business of Bike rentals that seem to be all over my work area (1 block from Central Park) it is crazy, on every corner you can rent bikes!

NYC also seems to be becoming more Bike friendly as i found a bike route created that goes from my work to my home.

In Holland they seem to be able to do everything on bikes. I have seen reading a book, having involved cell phone calls, going through one's purse, etc. I don't know how they do it!

Bike Safely Mr. Fish!

J. Clarence said...

The T (MBTA) seems much easier than umbrellas in the rain, but Boston is very much a walker-biker place like you said. Cars are just to cumbersome in that amazing city.

Anonymous said...

Love the drawing Tim. Cracks me up. I can't imagine he stayed very dry!