Sunday, June 16, 2013

The closed chapter

Following up on all my business travel, and my enjoyment of the company of professional peers, I was intrigued by the goings-on at a NYC-school I interviewed with back in spring 2009. A lot has changed since then!

Through these conversations, I was convinced by my counterparts—and myself—to apply for an open position there. It was a great professional opportunity, and not a bad one financially. So I went about the evaluation process with personal factors: do I want to give up what I have ? do I want the NYC experience?

Along the way, it became increasingly clear, that while I would get a lot out of the NYC experience, I finally feel comfortable and "at home" here and with my life. 

Though I've been in my evolving position at MIT for some time, before and since, I've moved around a bit. NH, Saint Louis, San Diego, CT, Boston, back to Saint Louis, back to Boston. Between the time I graduated college and bought my loft 3 years back, I lived in 15 different apartments!

While "moving" is a lot of work, it's not change and moving that was causing me anxiety in the decision making process; I've moved, I've relocated, I've changed, I've adapted. I know I can do that. But I've never felt comfortable before, and I often deny myself happiness for the sake of a new challenge. Before I bought my loft, the longest I'd lived anyplace since I left for university is two and a half years. Three years and counting in my loft is new frontier for me; comfort, and happiness is new frontier for me. So, in short, staying put is the greater challenge for me to tackle at this point in my life.

It was an interesting journey to reach the decision, and professionally, I am remorseful for it. But one must make these decisions, yes? I'll miss the opportunity to live closer to my many NYC friends, but every coin has a flip side, and in this case, it means I won't have the awkwardness of living closer to, hrm, someone who it would be highly awkward to live closer too! I hope someday I have the opportunity to live in NYC when the timing and circumstances are right...but for now, as the post title suggests, the chapter is closed.

For your delight, waiting for my train for my trip for my second interview, I spotted this ample lass in tight & short clothing. Like one of the fellows I sketched in Toronto, she sported a bolero length denim jacket. All the rage I guess.

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