Saturday, June 29, 2013

Arche-Lady SPECIAL #13 Preview

It's that time of year again, when I start thinking about Arche-Lady! Well, that's a bit overly dramatic. Fish-philes know I worked nearly exclusively on my campy homage to super-herodom for nearly the entire '90s. Her series ended with her in an ageless coma, but 7 years later (ish) she was revived in an unpublished ditty that was to be the compilation of the entire series plus specials, etc. I really couldn't multi-task while working on Cavalcade of Boys, Strugglers, Young Bottoms in Love, Love is the Reason, Trust/Truth, Something Fishy This Way Comes, plus shorties for indie publishers and Marvel. 

So, in true fashion to the series, I took a hiaitus. 

Kick forward to 2011, the 20th anniversary of her first appearance in Ten Minute Cartoons, I revived my annual tradition of the special, with the Arche-Lady Special #11. I know a few people saw it at Ne York Comic Con October of that year, but if you weren't there, you probably didn't see it. And with literally zero con presence in 2012, I'm guessing you also missed the Arche-Lady Special #12. Bummer!

So now it's time for me to get excited about the Arche-Lady Special #13...I'm thinking of a break from both the Arche-Lady vs. the digital race of the MITAANS storyline as well as the Astro-Boy vs. the conjoined cosmic entity storyline. You may recall my sketches of Doctor Monkey-Face a while back...those are turning into a nice shortie. And since 2013 is the 20th anniversary of Arche-Lady's series proper (she lingered in Ten Minute Cartoons for a year-ish before busting into The New Adventures of Arche-Lady and Astro-Boy #1 in 1993), I was thinking to revisit a villain that graced the pages of episode 1, 2, or 3. Time will tell!

I'm not planning to do any cons this year either, except for attending TCAF in May, so I'm not sure when you'll get to read these gems!

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