Saturday, June 1, 2013


Here was my Saturday:

5:45 awaken by sunrise (despite the blinds on my loft's 25 windows, the light can't be stopped).

6:00 walk Mr. Darby, coffee, cereal

6:45 bring my car up to the flea lot (it was full of Pier's stuff) and unload at his space.

7:30 start to bring my stuff to the flea

8:30 all set up...hang time

9-1 sell stuff at my building's flea market.was exhausting. I sold about 2/3 of my stuff, so it was a good sale. I had hoped to make a bunch of custom pieces of furniture, but in the end, I only had time to make 2 case pieces (one sliding-door cabinet 38" x 12" x 20" and one open bookcase 38" x 12" x 20") for me, so I could sell off a bookcase I don't like/want (38" x 12" x 40").  Maybe for next year's flea. Check the Brickbottom flea's Facebook page!

1-2 break down the flea

2-4 errands

4-6 reorganize

6-7:30 clean (this was a big deal since Thurs-Fri I had new windows installed and was prepping for the flea. I also trimmed back my beard w/the electric shaver, always messy and I cleaned my bathroom. I wanted to shave off the scruff, as I have a business trip to NYC on Mon-Tues).

7:30-8 take recylcing out, take trash out. warm up leftovers.

8-9 eat dinner, do dishes.

I'm tired! Time for bed! What did you get up to today?

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