Monday, January 17, 2011

Out and About

Fish-philes know I am not hitting the gay clubs with great regularity, but I have been "out" two weekends in a row.

First, I was hosting Serge from Montreal (my friend Xavier's ex BF). Meeting up with other friends at Paradise, we remarked on a scruffy built guy in tight, tight T-shirt with amazing shoulders.

I generally need strong motivation to draw someone...strikingly handsome, eclectic attire, exceedingly heinous, etc. But with this fellow, it was the shoulders. I still couldn't capture them, they were just perfectly sculpted.

This past weekend, Matthew was in town for business and wanted to meet up at Club Cafe. It was a, hrm, interesting evening—but what happens in Boston stays in Boston, eh? After he stumbled away, Adam and I noticed the shoulders dude, whom I promptly spoke to.

Mike's a nice guy, and after I told him about my sketch, and the motivation (his shoulders) he told me he's having troubles with them.

The coloring is courtesy of Adam.

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