Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Creations from my childhood redux week: Gigi's Garage

Welcome to creations from my childhood redux week!—I've been sketching the various gems from my youth to your hoped-for delight.

First up is the hippy-chick Gigi, owner of Gigi's Garage. Trapped by the harsh New England winter as a pre-schooler, an ugly knitted blanket draped over the family dog became the inspiration for this enduring character and her long garishly colored hair.

Gigi (pronounced GIG-ee, not jee-jee) appeared in little cartoon snipets, alongside her supporting cast around the run-down auto-mechanic shop. Gigi herself was not a mechanic, but I vaguely remember the burly, dirty fellow. Otherwise, I don't have a clear memory of the other cast members and have no record (drawings) of them. One of them was named Bluebird, I know that.

I am pretty sure there was a little theme-song, too, though I am struggling to recall any of it. Keep in mind I was like 5 years old.

But yes, that is her hair.