Thursday, January 13, 2011

Creations from my childhood redux week: Mimi Chandler

Amidst a "Barbie" craze while I was in junior high school, Mimi Chandler was "born."

At that time, there was a Barbie for everything, and she had many careers. Mimi took it all further in little cartoons titled The World of Mimi Chandler: there was Policewoman Mimi, Fry-cook Mimi, Astronaut Mimi. You get the idea.

She had many different beaus, too, to suit the occasion. None were terribly interesting (in comparison, anyway!—who could compete?!?). However, among the cast was Mimi's half-sister, Miona. Miona was half-Hawaiian, wore heavy makeup and a pink Mohawk. Far more punk rock than her famous elder sister.

I later introduced Mimi into The Adventures of Arche-Lady series, as a glamour gal reporter, always chasing a story in an evening gown. It was later revealed that she and Arche-Lady went to college together.

Mimi appeared in my sketchbook around 2005 or so, as a travel magazine editor, which took her around the world encountering adventures along the way. I had planned (and still toy with the notion) of writing and drawing such stories, using my travel photos as reference. Think Arche-Lady without the super-powers.

So, keep your eyes peeled for some camp fun in Scandanavia, India, Brazil, and more. Maybe.

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Matt28800 said...

always one of my favorites... :-)