Sunday, September 5, 2010

Wonder Woman Day V

It's Labor Day weekend, and my annual tradition of producing art for the Wonder Woman Day charity auction!

This is the 5th (and final—bummer!) year of the auction and my 4th entry. In past years, I have done retro-Wondy (two WWII-era drawings, and one '70s-era, all posted here) for the auction benefiting a Portland, Oregon womens' shelter.

My first entry commanded the highest price, ranking among the top sales; I was very honored to "beat out" a number or pro artists who had actually worked on Wondy's book.

Of course, I ultimately (and sheepishly) have sold off color prints of my entries—mostly at the request of some fans.

Being the last year, thanks to Jared's urging, I wanted to do a cover recreation, and immediately looked to a brief period in Wonder Woman history in the '50s when she looked like a bathing beauty, for about a year around issue 100.

After that, startling—despite no change in artistic team—she went from bathing beauty to prison matron. But still, that ugly, ugly era produced some real gems. Such as #125, which offers my inspiration for this year's auction.

I found logos and printed out a blue line grid, and drew my rendition of Amoeba-Man, Mer-Man, and Colonel Steve Trevor fighting over Wonder Woman. The last image is the original cover—hilarious! If you choose to bid on my version, it will look pretty much like the 2nd image: blue line logo and grid, DC/National Comics bullet, CCA logo, blue pencil and ink drawing on 11"x17" Bristol board.

I wasn't sure I'd color this year's, but then I said, "why not?" and here you see image 1. I'll print a handful on 11"x17" photo gloss paper and if you are lucky you can get one at New York Comic Con next month.

Please do check out the auction—it's a great cause!

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