Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Memorial Day in France

Fish-philes may recall how my January travels were a bit screwed up. Boring story short, I ended up with another trip. So I packed up my bags and took a long weekend back France; mostly Lyon and some in Paris. My sketch journal begins at Boston's Logan International Airport. As typical, I have depressing life thoughts before a trip. Changing planes in Dublin, I am greeted by a men's room cruiser. I end up feeling better about myself. I catch up with Xavier in Lyon and we enjoy drink at his favorite bear-bar. Thursday we foot-it around Lyon, which was a national holiday. We saw so many wheelchairs! Also spent some quality time transcribing our interview recorded in January. PREF magazine picked it up!—but Xavier had a tough time deciphering our drunken speech. Ended up editing a lot out ("I'm rambling here, it'd be better if I said this:...)

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