Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A less pretentious Euro-tour

The next spread in my pretentious Moleskine. Friday we wander more of Lyon, enjoying the sounds of the electronic music festival going on all weekend, as well as its revelers. Saw lots of odd looking long-haired men. That evening, Xavier had to work and I made my way to a very nice jazz bar. Climbing up the hills of Lyon using passages and alleyway staircases, I arrived in a sketchy run-down square full of thugs, a comedy club, and the jazz bar. Saturday, Xavier and I snake our way around the city, enjoying time with his cats, coffee, dessert, and the beautiful city. Sadly, the blue line drawing I did of the owner of the Vietnemese restuarant didn't scan well. I think if I ever compile a book of my travel sketches, I'll need to ink them. Or at least use black pencil.


Xavier said...

It's a nightmare. My BF totally freaked out on the amount of fur my cats are letting go before summer! :D

Ours said...

You caught Xav in your drawing :)
It's nice, hope one day the 3 of us will meet in boston or montreal ^^