Monday, June 22, 2009

Girls of spring

Better post this before we get too far from "spring" (though it feels like October at the moment). A few weeks back, on a sunny, warm Sunday, I saw a shapely gal walking (left) with her rough-looking BF. I liked her look: pretty but not gorgeous; clothing that showed off her form but odd enough to not be slutty. Daisy Dukes and cowgirl boots, very nice. A few days later, on a drizzly morning, saw a girl stopped at a light with her bike (right). Very pretty with pretty blonde hair, Cookie Monster blue top, frilly skirt, black leggings, tall high-heeled boots. Very odd attire for biking, even as a commuter cyclist.


Xavier said...

What?! Girls?!? Still not extincts? :p

Tim Fish said...

they'll be extinct if they keep trying to bike in high-heeled hooker boots!

Matt28800 said...

I am still amazed that you noticed the girl more then the boy, who was quite oddly dressed himself and very "rough-looking' as you mentioned... kinda an odd couple.