Monday, February 18, 2013

Take that, OSC

As promised, what I do well: indie hipster Superman a la Supergirl's '70s costume. 

So, uh, yes, this is what I had in mind for Comic Con. I have the 'S' patch, the T. Dog collar, cape, red Chucks, red square cuts, no problem. The belt, we'll see...

Aside from the Fd up (stoned?) eyes, this is not a bad rendition of Sups, apparently amidst a meteor storm (or something). I am Ok with the line art.

The coloring—ugh. 

I recently got my tablet functioning properly, so this is my first coloring in over a year. I was never a strong colorist, but wow, I'm rusty.

But, that is what practice is for.

1 comment:

Javier said...

The red sneakers make the costume