Saturday, February 16, 2013

A chilling apokolyptic future

If you haven't been following the controversy regarding DC Comics' decision to hire Orson Scott Card to write Superman comic books, please do catch up, and sign all the petitions you can. Long story short, he's anti-gay and fans and retailers are beginning to band together in opposition.

Sadly, I haven't read a Superman comic in years, so I can only voice my opinion rather than vote with my economic dollar.

I can also draw some fun sketches. Here's an OSC-inspired image of Superman saving his pal Jimmy Olsen, his girlfriend Lois Lane, and his boss, Perry White from gay pedophiles. 

Later I will share what I do best for your delight. And, perhaps preview my Superman outfit I will wear to Comic Con if I'm brave enough.


Lancel Xavier said...

I would recommand a Superboy outfit instead, you're too young to wear the Superman one :p
If clearly this is a dumb move from DC, voting against with the $$ is the farther I would go. I really don't think that banning him from writing is a good idea. The guy is probably very talented from what I heard. Just let him work on somethink less representative of US morals.

Tim Fish said...

This is indeed a challenging issue. On one hand, I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions...and generally I am against blacklisting. However, on the score of equality, if he was vocally racist or anti semitic, his intolerance would not be tolerated by the employer. I signed a petition at least. ;-)