Sunday, January 20, 2013

Alt Legion—the end of Lyle Norg

I hadn't known of SECRET ORIGINS #47 (1989), featuring dead Legionnaires. I was able to get my hands on my copy to great disappointment! First, the art. I am a fan of Ty Templeton, but he and Chris Sprouse drew the characters like they were 25-40 years old...not 14-17. The script even says Condo is 14, so therefore Lyle couldn't have been more than 16 at that time?

Oh well...aside from the art, it was an interesting take on Condo and which I must discard as a post-CRISIS retcon, rather than an "untold story" of Silver Age canon. In the first 30+ years of the Legion's history, they had one continuity. In the past 25 years, they've had at least 3-5 reboots, new timelines, etc. etc. etc. I can't keep up. My ideas all swirl around pre-CRISIS Legion.

Long story short, in SUPERBOY #176 (1971), Invisible Kid's interaction with Chemical King is that of acquainted colleague and not that of intimate friend as the 1989 origin tale suggests (looks like they lived together, and Lyle got Condo in to the Legion Academy). Therefore, I ignore it. :-)

Above, alt sketches if Invisible Kid smashed Tharok's brain just 1 second sooner than he did in SUPERBOY #203, followed by being tormented by the demonic/ghostly Myla once he realizes that no, he isn't in love with her, he was just a little bonkers after his latest break-up with Condo.

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