Sunday, January 27, 2013

Alt Legion—the conversion of Ayla Ranzz

I can't stop thinking about alt versions of classic Legion tales, which would totally change the direction of certain characters. Yes, I admit it, fanfic. Here we have Dream Girl, Brainiac 5, and Mon-El...let's say curing Ayla of a deadly electrical fever—similar to the one Garth had during the great darkness saga—by evolving her powers to the light-based ones she had in the Alan Davis Legion. That would make her much more powerful, and Dream Girl far less duplicitous, and allow the reader to see her hold her own with Brainiac due to her knowledge of advanced Naltorian science. 

I'm not sure what the other one is, but Mon-El is stripped naked for examination. And on both pages, you get Lyle and Condo. Left, in Condo's space car he acquired in Action Comics #381, and the next, flying side-by-side utilizing Legion flight rings.


Lancel Xavier said...

There should be a Secrets of the LSH haircuts and you should draw it! :)

Tim Fish said...

ha! love it!