Thursday, May 19, 2011

Old lady

Xavier deploys his umbrella at the slightest drop of rain, or mildest of zephyrs.

But, the weather totally sucked on Saturday. We walked around in the rain, going to a few comic and furniture galleries.

Later, out to eat and then bowling. In New England, we still have Candlepin bowling, but I was fascinated by the lane we visited. I have since learned it's Duckpin bowling. Its squat lightweight pins were knocked over as if they were made of marshmallow. And then, somehow were lifted up (perhaps magnetically?) to the pin clearing mechanism.

The next day I headed home, in terrible rain. Not a fun drive, especially solo. Plus, I was all hopped up on sadness and anger. On the way home, my '97 VW GTI (VR6) turned 100,000 miles. Fun!

Oh...I was also bummed out that I couldn't find any postcards on my journey! I bought the Canadian stamps, but no touristy cards to mail.


Bob Glasscock said...

...All hopped up on sadness and anger." Sorry to hear it, but I love the phrase.
The sketch is great too btw. I love how the 2 pages work as a single composition.

Tim Fish said...

Ha, thanks. Yeah, I had to deal w someone not giving the space requested. I probably over-reacted, but that's what anger is all about. ;-)

Xavier said...

Here is one result from Festival de Cannes:

Best actor in a marshmallow-like falling pin role: Tim Fish !! :)

shivam said...

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