Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Drawings inspired by other people's drawings: the next unicorn

When I was in Montréal, I was enamored with Serge's 4-year old daughter's drawings. Children's drawings are great. There is no way adults can draw in the same style, with the same imagination. Even when an adult tries to draw in the style of children, it doesn't quite look the same. Maybe because adults are too mired in "reality" I don't know.

This creature in particular held my attention. I couldn't tell what it was! Serge said, "I think it's a unicorn."

So there you have it. Sort of a Barbapapa-unicorn with a crazy fairy jockey riding it. Here, I've drawn my take on Sofia's work: the fairy flitting about the B-unicorn, who is excited for the ensuing cantor.

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