Thursday, April 28, 2011

Common ground

PREMISE #1) I am generally not a fan of country music.

PREMISE #2) I am generally not a fan of Dolly Parton songs.

PREMISE #3) I generally don't make a lot of effort to find common ground for dis-common interests.

Well, I've been having a lot of fun listening through the Dolly Parton catalog and watching video clips in search of songs I like. I certainly don't like them all, and I don't think she'll be my go-to when I need a musical hug, but I have found a number of songs that I enjoy. So, a double-whammy (enjoying the process AND the outcome)!

I watched Coal Miner's Daughter, too. I was delighted to learn that the song during the end credits of the Strangers With Candy episode where Jeri learns she's an Indian turns out to be Loretta Lynn singing the "Squaw is on the Warpath" song. Fun!

Fear not, Fish-philes—country is not taking the place of lounge in my heart, and France Gall still makes me smile big.

Anyway, here's a drawing I did of "pretty miss Dolly" as she appeared signing the "Jolene" song in 1974.


Adam said...

I think you can do a better representation of Dolly that doesn't make her look...short.

ohnochriso said...

But Dolly is short. She is teeny teeny tiny in every way other than her chest. I met her at an in-store record signing once and she was barely up to my shoulder in heels.

I love the drawing and I love Dolly, so yaaay! I also was looking through your blog and you've done some seriously great Wonder Woman pieces.