Monday, April 11, 2011


As I announced some time ago, I am compiling my old Arché-Lady mini-comics into a 2-volume book. I have been scanning, scanning, scanning. I've only been editing lightly, mostly if the original toning wouldn't scan in, or if the original digitally toned docs were missing or created at a too-low resolution. In the meantime, story ideas keep jumping into my head. Yay! Creative block destroyed. I now have 2 stories written out, and they will become part of the surprise 3rd volume, which will be in color. Details later.

At Bloc 11, I was sketching out some upcoming Arché-moments that have been in my head—you see Multi-Boy and Cave-Boy images there.

I didn't get very far along before Lonnie arrived. He was venting about work, and I was asking Qs and ended up interpretting one of his colleagues. Lonnie's a bit dashing at 6'1" and the annoying coworker was described as rather small and angry. I asked "Hobbit-like?" and the response was more "Pan/Satyr-like." I'm sure what I drew is nothing like reality, but it's a fun little character that will probably end up in a story.

Sitting through the grueling speeches at a work function led to another story idea, with an alien invasion force at the heart. I'll definitely turn this into a shortie for the 3rd volume in the collection.

I suspect this 3rd volume will be packaged as The Arché-Lady Special #11, with these new stories, plus the Color Companion to V1 and V2. There are a handful of things I did in color (various covers, 2 stories, and the character bios) which I might as well print in color if I am going to do some new stories in color.

Just so you know, I am printing these books with Ka-Blam, who specializes in low quantity digital printing. It's not as nice as off-set, but still pretty nice.

I'll probably only print a handful of books...maybe take pre-orders. But it's not going to be widely distributed, that's for sure. For die-hard fans only.

I'm done scanning (or finding the original toned files) through 1999. However, I still have 2 more episodes from '99 to re-tone. So much work still ahead!

FAN POLL: Aside from the 3 shorties already penned, I would like to do a 4th—with YOUR input! Is there a particular villain you'd like to see
Arché-Lady face off against? Vix-N, the Galactic Tramp? The Wizard? The Technoids from New Death City?


Anonymous said...

The Wizard, of course! Although, I would be happy to see Vix-N again...

Anonymous said...

Bloody Nose!

Tim Fish said...

Bloody Nose? I am all astonishment, Anon 2—you must truly be a die hard Arche-fan to remember him...!

Anonymous said...

The Lackey...very underappreciated.