Monday, August 16, 2010

Titans time—

But, not really.

I get lots of sketch requests, and I turn down many because I am too distracted with the day job and keeping on top of stuff. But I still mindlessly churn out Titans circa 1973 sketches!

My work on the Cavalcade re-print is just about ready to send to the printer, and after that, I really need to start my Bonnie N. Collide guesties for Monica Gallagher. I promised they would be ready to run in September. That's but 2 weeks away!

Fortunately, my loft space is now in great shape for me to start creative work again. It was a long 4-month haul (still far from "done" but in a very live-able state), but it'll feel good to get to some comics again.

Draw, monkey, draw!


Aman Chaudhary said...

These are so great. Of course your Donna Troy is awesome!

Tim Fish said...

Thanks—I was trying to channel Bob Oksner on Wondy!

Dene said...

Is that Bat-Girl peeking around a corner? LOVED her-! Bring back Bette Kane-!!!!

Tim Fish said... "fantasy" project would be to bridge the gap between TT #43 (1973) and #44 (1976) which in my head includes (at least for a bit) Ms. Kane as Bat-Girl. :-)

Anonymous said...

I *love* your Teen Titans sketches!

Bill Walko said...

Keep these wonderful sketches coming, Tim. Did I ever show you my 70s era Titans? Link: