Friday, January 15, 2010

Pretentious Euro-tour 2010

Once again, on my merry way for a pretentious Euro-tour.

I am fortunate that:
1) I work at a place that gives a lot of vacation time;
2) I can sell books when I travel (therefore can afford to go).

This year, I am stopping in Lisbon for my first taste of "warm Europe" then on to France for a healthy dose of BD (comics). I will be posting sketches at some point, hopefully when I get to Lyon. In the meantime, go buy NATION X #2!!!

NOTE: the image here is a photo of my rare 1941 globe. You can see Europe's vastly different from today.


Matt28800 said...

Sounds like an excellent Trip! Looking forward to the sketches!

Xavier said...

Warm Europe.....well, it does not seem it's gonna be "warm France" even if temperatures have just jumped up a little.

Javier said...

Hooray! Pretentious Euro-tour!

PP said...

It was a pleasure to meet you in Angoulême !

The Passenger said...

You was one of the most beautiful gift from Angouleme.....thanx a lot for your kind support and availability....i will let u know soon as possible my news.....a big hug!