Thursday, July 16, 2009

France et Serge

Final entry for France Gall week!

I made this for the "Draw Serge" blog which I enjoy. It's a tribute to one of the most influencial song writers ever, Serge Gainsbourg. I like a lot of the art featured there.

Considering his collaborations with wife Jane Birkin and sexpot Brigit Bardot, I'm not wholly surprised there weren't any drawings featuring France Gall, though the two were linked together by a number of pop hits and the "Les Succettes" scandal.

Here I draw them circa 1965, a la their Eurovision Songcontest win. You can see 16 year old France's awful Eurovision perfomance at Youtube. But the song was still good enough to win—the first time a pop song won the contest.

I took the opportunity to draw them for the blog and practice using Painter as well. Aside from the suit stripes, I am pretty happy with my progress using the "chalk" feature in Painter.


Matt28800 said...

I hate to see France Gall week end but I guess you are probably prepping for your appearances at San Diego Comic-Con. Anyway, I will repeat my comment from the Draw Serge Blog here:

"Love that you incorporated the BG from the performance as well as the dress France was wearing. The contrast between his dark straight suit and her soft fluffy pink dress is brilliant!!"

Tim Fish said...

I'm already packed!

Thanks for the feedback on the Serge and France image.