Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chocolate and peanut butter

I've been playing around with Painter! Since using my Wacom tablet, brush strokes, and coloring in general are not my strong suits, I figure better to start practicing on bold, simple drawings. Here, I've used the "chalk" tool for a very grainy effect, and layering colors from the bottom up. Definitely getting easier the more I use it, and looking a bit better too (see entry "Gym class fairy").

I drew this after Adam and I got together for one of our Sunday evening "cartoon night" events. I had a little leftover frosting from making cupcakes, so we were adding it to our animal crackers with peanut butter treat. It was REALLY yummy, but also felt really trashy. I couldn't stop laughing sheepishly.

I don't laugh extendedly often, but whenever I am stuck on something like this, or the clown tatoo comic from the Sunday paper, Adam will also laugh extendedly, more at me than what I am laughing at.

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