Sunday, March 8, 2009

Annotated living room

I am part of "A Drawing Collective" that exists on Facebook. The latest assignment is to draw a room in our home. Thought it would be fun to annotate my drawing here. (1) my apartment is in fact this orderly... or at least my living room is... the kitchen is a mess. From upper left: (2) vintage mid-50s black-ocean globe, (3) Chynna Clugston page from Scooter Girl, (4) Peanuts books, (5) Bose iPod dock, (6) lava lamp, (7) another Scooter Girl page, (8) little TV and DVD player, (9) Corto Maltese book atop the trunk I bought to go away to college, (10) Bryan Lee O'Malley Scott Pilgrim page, (11) housewarming plant that Andy gave me 18 months ago—a miracle as I usually kill them within 3 months, (12) antique library card catalog drawers holding DVDs that my great-aunt found in the dump, (13) '30s Morris chair from my parents house, (14) barometer and hygrometer—gift from Rich since I always want to guage humidity, (15) large mirror covering large holes in the wall, (16) key rack with almost no keys on it, (17) '30s book case I had as a boy, (18) disposable rug available every fall at the grocery store for students moving in, (19) Aggie.

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Anonymous said...

You must be back in the office grind: no updates in a week. Bummer for us all. patrick