Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Goth Queen

I feel like this pin-up has been years in the making! My comics pal Lynx Delirium—and lead colorist for my YBIL book—had asked me so long ago for a pin-up of one of his characters. I agreed in my usual "I'm too busy" fashion. Then I think Lynx delayed his plans for the pin-ups, and perhaps even changed his mind which of his creations to feature. Tick the clock forward, to a request for the Goth Queen. This time, I did not hesitate with my consent, and after a spell Lynx shared the bio and design sketches with me. And—to my surprise—I actually followed thorough. And, promptly! So here we have the Goth Queen in her tattered prom dress, sitting on some grimey floor. Her legs look a little weird, but overall, I am happy with it. Lynx will color her for an upcoming publication of his. As Lynx loves to say: "Meow!"

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