Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Arbeit Macht Frei

Knowing how to party on vacation, I took a day tour of Austwitz. It was a very powerful experience, and I am grateful for the opportunity to go. By the end of the day, I was emotionally drained. When I got back to Krakow, I tried to read in the park. However, sitting there in the Planty with my book, all I could do was stare off into space contemplating the horror, and feeling thankful for my life and circumstances. Then I realized large very smushy spiders were crawling on me. Freaking out, I went to my tourist apartment and did a full body search, finding spiders under my shirt, and one in my underwear. I reiterate "freaking out." Perhaps a fitting end to the day?
The final sketch page has some misc. stuff... my frightening taxi experiences in Prague and Krakow, and the woman I saw in the Planty. She caught my eye because her neck was so fat. A second look showed her huge gut. But other than her fat neck and huge gut, she was not a large woman. I mean, she wasn't svelte or anything, but definitely disproportionately fat in the neck and gut areas.


Anonymous said...

Whoa. You went from lounging in a hot springs during your last vacation to getting trapped in a box & caught in cobwebs... Not to belabor the point, but how did the spiders finally register? Did you feel them first, or see them? Still, it's an excellent sketch w/that potential to become a really good piece of cover art for... something. And your taxi in Krakow was scraping against the curb? What was your driver DOING?!

Tim Fish said...

I didn't feel the spiders, or see them; I suppose that makes it creepier. I have the habit of cracking my neck and then pinching it the relieve headaches. While I was rubbing around, I smushed a spider, smearing its green guts all over.