Wednesday, February 6, 2008

à bientôt

My last full day in Paris was leisurely. Woke up late, and hungry Jean-Pierre sat on my lap, purring, while I planned out my tourism. Sylvain had been Julie's guest for a few days and was leaving. He and I had a good chat earlier, but I fear I became a bit defensive to his America-bashing. He, of course, was right on most of his points, but also was difficult to allow myself to be generalized alongside the 300+ million Americans who don't all agree to pretty much anything. But, our farewell was aimicable. I then made my way into city center and went about my sight-seeing and coffee-drinking. On the way home, I fell sleep on the Metro, signalling to me I was having a great vacation. Returning to Antoine's, I found Jean-Pierre at first playful, but then playfully hostile when I failed to feed him. He was such a sweet cat. I packed up and went to bed after talking with Antoine.

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