Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Goals

Hello 2015!

2014 was challenging (but aren't they all?—or so it seems moreso in my Autumn years) and I'm looking forward to an easier 2015. To that end, I will keep my 2015 goals simple:

Strange Sports Stories
I was tapped for Vertigo's anthology, inspired by DC's same-named comics from the 50s and 60s. Just a shortie, and due early Feb, so I'd best get cracking. 

Saved by the Bell
The plan, last I heard it, was for work to resume for volume 2 in February. So, these shorties will consume Feb, April, June, August. More or less.

Ok, enough's enough. I am determined to finally complete my long-standing goals for compiling this material. While I made significant headway on volume 1, it turns out I set some files up incorrectly, so I will need to backtrack. Not such a big deal until you realize volume 1 is 550 pages. This set back has made me rethink production...and I will definitely print V1 before I begin work on V2, just to make sure I am getting it right. In the meantime, yes, I pulled together a mini for convention sales, and I might add to it if the mood hits me. Here you see the cover for the convention collection.

I will be at Angouleme Festival in a few weeks. Seems like such a hurdle to travel abroad these days, in no small part due to my lovable, sweet, but rambunctious, big, and strong dog, Mr. Darby. Only a few have the stamina to dog-sit for me, so travel is nowhere as easy as it was with Aggie. I've also been accepted to exhibit at the  Toronto Comic Art Festival (TCAF), so come find me in Toronto! I am waiting to hear if I was accepted to MoCCA Festival, and I will again apply for New York Comic Con.

I need to be in Houston for my day job the first week of March, and NYC for my day job the third week of March. I've researched a little places to approach for a signing in Houston, and have chatted with Abby Denson about a signing in NYC. We'll see if either works out...I basically need to lock them in over the next week or so...

These comics goals, of course, must balance with the rest of my life. As an goals-oriented results-driven person, I tend to set resolutions in terms of goals and results, and I have a few for the other aspects of my life, too. Maybe I will share those with you later.  

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