Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ode to spring: anyone up for Mickey D's?—let me grab my leatherette hot-pants

I was headed to the Shaw's grocery store, when a remarkable sight caught my eye. So remarkable that I had to change direction and head into the neighboring McDonald's to confirm what I thought I'd seen.

There she was, in line, rifling through her giant purse. Crazy top, brown leatherette hot-pants, black undies hanging out the pants' leg-holes. Over-sized boots...they looked like winter boots actually.

I actually had to take a photo for reference. What I didn't even see in real time, but in the photo, was the woman in front of her in line. She was tall, thin, wearing spandex pants, and a green bikini top. She had the build for it, but I was still shocked at what the patronage of McDonald's looks like today.

Though I really haven't been into McDonald's more than maybe thrice after I worked there for a summer when I was 16. Yes, my first job was working the quarter pounder grill. Eight with eight on the turn. If you know what I mean, I feel sorry for you, too.


Xavier said...

8 for 8? Lazy americans: 9 for 9 or 12 for 12 was my curse during 5 years....:'(
I feel sorry for myself too. :'(

Anonymous said...

Please send me the photo, Mr. Tim. Please!

Tim Fish said...

X: hardly lazy! the quarter pounder grill could only hold 8 w/8. I admit I wasn't good on the burger/bic mac grill. but the larger patties were more difficult to sear, so I worked hard. ugh, memories. for those not in the know, apparently Xavier worked the other grill...10 with 10 on the turn.

W: mmmaybe for your birfday.