Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I want to talk to you! Hear your story!

I want you to refer them to me!

When I first read about the annual festival dedicated to "gingers" (redheads), I thought it was fun and funny, and immediately wanted to go.

But my amusement turned to sadment as I read about the hate crimes perpetuated on redheads, from the Facebook group "Kick a Ginger Day" to actual murders in the UK.

While I myself am but a mild ginger, I started recalling some of the teasing (and later fetishizing) I've been on the receiving end of, as well as what I've witnessed of family and friends.
I would like to do something...my share to draw just a little attention to the notion of tolerance to anyone born a little different.

Whether it's stories of childhood teasing or bullying...to physical abuse or discrimination...I want to hear your story and maybe draw it for a mini comic. Anything we discuss will be held in the strictest of confidence!

If you're willing, please drop me an email to comment@timfishworks.com

In the meantime, visit:


or search for their Facebook group!


Xavier said...

Well, here is a french website on roux people.
Funny, e friend of mine told me days ago that famous Tv presentator Denis Brogniart (Tentamption Island, yep :p) was red. Except that if it's almost impossible to see on screen, because he seems he's dying his hair and covering his face with makeup to hide his spots. Shame on Denis Brogniart, he should be proud!

Xavier said...

Oups, the website adress: