Sunday, November 15, 2009

Riding on the Metro

Also on my DC/SPX trip, one of my late-night ventures on the Metro back to Ryan's place. I had to wait forever for the first train; then I had to wait forever to switch trains. And it was really packed. I was lucky enough to have a seat, and was generally grateful it was a window seat and not an aisle one.

I was specifically grateful for my window seat when this fellow boarded the train: drunk, crazy, or both, he was falling everywhere and drooling brown liquid/vomit into his beard. He was incoherent and smelled. I don't have a good sense of smell, so if I noticed, I know it had to have been awful.

It was a fun juxtopostion to all the giggly sorority girls on the train, or perhaps simply life in the big city.

Oh—sidenote: I was coming from a restaurant and had my left-overs in a to go container, and lots of people were glaring me down. I am reminded that there is NO food or drink allowed on the DC Metro... I heard it was a fine-able offense. But it reminds me of the post "burrito boy" and how disgusted people were at the kid eating on the subway, and how that would have never happened in DC.

Anyone else have a disgusting subway run-in?


Xavier said...

Not a disguting run-in in a subway but what about a frightening run-in in a bus?
When I was little, I would say 14-16 years old, in a near empty country bus to the city, I seated, as usual, at the end of the bus. A guy was close to me and had a plastic bag.
He kept looking at me and approached almost next to me. Then he showed me what was inside his plastic bag (a gun!) and said to me : "You never touched a gun, you WANT to touch it, you want to!?"
I really don"t think I touched the gun, perhaps only the bag and succeed later at changing place, going closer to the other peoples in the bus. Geezz...

Matt28800 said...

I have only been to DC a hand full of times, and it always amazes me how clean the city is.

After going out drinking with some friends (all of whom are black) we boarded the metro with a box of donuts and one of my friends in his usual booze fueled outgoing nature offered some of our donuts to everyone around him on the metro. It was then that we were informed by a white girl that you can't have food on the metro, very quickly after a black woman standing next to me chimed in that it was a punishable offense and they would ticket us if we were caught giving out donuts. My friend spurred on continuing to offer his donuts where the original white girl accepted and ate it in a frenzy (as to not get caught, she was somewhat drunk as well), the black woman shot her a look and then said to my friend. "Yeah, they only really ticket US anyway"

Gotta love the big city.

Tim Fish said...

X: a gun?!? what, was he an American?

M: I saw the DC Metro police refuse admittance through the turnstile of a white woman in a business suit until she tossed her bagel. they are hard core about it... but yeah, the DC Metro is really clean especially compare to NYC's disgusto subway.

Anonymous said...

I've had several disgusting public transit adventures, but the grossest I must admit, was my doing, but not on purpose, I tried as much to minimize it.

It was in Chicago, I was coming home from work, and started to feel a little queasy. A few stops before mine, my husband gets on, with our cat, he was picking up from the vet.

He thought I was looking unwell when he saw me, and I said yes. The feeling of having to throw up came over me as we moved towards our stop. I got up and moved to the door, to get off the train as fast as possible, in case I did throw up. But I didn't make it.

I held it in my mouth, with my hand over my mouth, but I vomited again, and it was forced to come out my nose.

So there I stood at the door, vomit dripping between my fingers. Some poor guy walked up to the door, looked at me, smelled the vomit, and turned away, and went to another door.

The train pulled in, and I ran off, and let fly on the tracks opposite of the train.

It was completely gross. Probably grosser then the train we got on, that someone had taken the biggest dump on the car, stinking it up.

Tim Fish said...

Tim: that's horrific—I DO love vomit tales though!

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