Monday, April 13, 2009

Bike boy

So much to say about biking! PART ONE: Regarding this particular drawing, about a month back, we enjoyed a day or two of warm weather. For Boston in March, that means a light jacket, and perhaps shorts if you are of sturdy stock. As Fish-philes know, I took in my dog from an abusive home 8 years ago, and she's a shy girl in public settings. Over the years I've tried to acclimate her to new people and places as I can. This day, we stopped in Davis Square to sit and people-watch. As I sat there, a cute fellow biked up and sat across from me, and I sketched him. PART TWO: 2 weeks ago, I was knocked off my bike in traffic! I was very lucky to not be run over. My assailant gave me and my wrecked bike a ride home. I later went to the hospital—nothing broken or concussed. But, I was really bruised up and in a lot of pain. UPDATE: I now have normal walking mobility back, though running and biking are still out. Thank you all for the many well-wishes! Sadly, I haven't had the wherewithal to write and draw much.


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Xavier said...

I like this over-occupied dark look, even if it's close to sillyness: the guy has black glasses, an i-pod on his ears, a cofee in one hand, a paperin the other hand, a burning cigarette in his mouth, and this charming opening of the legs, saying: "Eh, I can take more, I'm cool, not busy..." :p
Bon rétablissement!

Xavier said...

Had 2 minor accidents on a bike:

- a student girl coming from behind, pushing me hard. The bike was going straight to a traffic road with loads of speeding cars. Thank God, the bike went on the left before reaching it and stopped, one of the wheel being broken. The girl said she was "sleepy and did not see me!"

- another girl squashed me and my bike beetween her and another car while we were waiting at a RED signal! She "did not see me". I am 2 meters high!!! She gave me her number and adress to pay for the reparations but never gave any money back after I send her the receipt!

Your accident could be the inspiration for a nice character: a good-looking hunky saving-guy on bike, riding the city to help citizens on bike assaulted by cars! :D
Veloman?! Bike Mike? :p