Monday, December 29, 2008

No hidden agenda

Historically speaking, I have a good day job @ MIT. When my old boss enticed me back to the office with a promotion, it was with a good understanding of my comics life. She even announced during an all-staff meeting, "these meetings are important... you shouldn't be doing other work—except Tim, he can sketch." I ended up with some great sketches either on meeting agendas, or directly in my sketch book. They often have lots of white out (to block out the bits of agenda I drew over). I usually glue the agenda sketches into my sketchbooks, and sometimes glue them onto pages of original art to ink, if I don't want to risk losing anything by tracing it. Turn the clock ahead a bit and I've been acting director of my deptartment since July. More work, more stress, more responsibility. Worst of all, I barely sketch during meetings anymore! As if my full attention really meant something. However, recently I was at a real yawner, and produced a handful of sketches; two are posted here. I'm not sure what the first boy is doing... leaning against a counter or bar, maybe doing a pushup. He looks a little different than my usual drawings, so I like him. Below is a sexy caveman. Regulars to my sketchblog know how much I like sexy cavemen (Gnaark of the Teen Titan entries, etc.).


Anonymous said...

I'm not allowed to sketch at meetings and such, it gives the wrong impression. Blarg.

Tim Fish said...

Yeah... I am feeling a bit of that also. As acting director, I need to attend many volunteer board meetings. In that setting, it would definitely give the wrong impression. Sucks though, because I really do pay better attention when I am sketching. Otherwise, my mind falls asleep.