Sunday, November 30, 2008

Jam sketches

Another bad habit of mine is forcing my artwork onto other people's sketches. I've done that a few times to Monica's sketches; here I've added a body to a head Monica drew, and then added a boy for her to look at (we saw this tall cute guy with a weird jacket @ TCAF, so I drew him). Next, Adam was trying to draw a guy he saw @ a coffeehouse or something. I added the annoying girlfriend, (or "she-thing" as we call the GF of a hot guy). Any time we see the girlfriend of a hot guy we think should be gay, she is universally disliked. I do like my addition to the sketch though.


Xavier said...

ih, ih, the she-thing...I'm gonna rembember that.

Tim Fish said...

ha ha... it's a bit insulting, but they really shouldn't be taking the hot men from us. :)