Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wonder Woman vs. The Phantom Nazi

It's that time of year again—the Wonder Woman Day charity auction. Last October, my entry finished 14th, beating out a number of DC and Marvel artists—including a few who have drawn her book! I colored it, added a background, and posted here (search "Wonder Woman Defeats Nazi Germany). Since I love the Golden Age Wonder Woman, I decided again to draw her for this year's auction. I created the line art of an SS officer troused up by our favorite Amazon princess (you can see the evolution process in my prior post). When I began coloring the Nazi, I decided to color his skin a ghaslty grey, and settled on a backstory for the "Phantom Nazi". You might not think he's an actual phantom... but don't forget, her lasso is magic. Keep your eye out for the answer some day. And, keep your eyes on the charity auction in a month or so from now—it's a great cause!