Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Teen Titans '73

I've been doing a lot of super-hero sketching lately. A number have been Teen Titans. There was a publication gap from 1973-1976, and these sketches are meant to be from that era.

On this page you get Wondergirl, sexy cave-boy Gnaark, Lilith, the original Bat-Girl, Kid Flash, and some zombies for them to fight. Many fans hate this era, but I actually like it. There weren't super-villains, but they were always getting mixed up in strange goings-on. They were a bit more age-appropriate as well... not the 19 year olds going on 45 a la the 1980s incarnation. That was way too serious for my taste.

Plus, there was no hot cave-boy. I just loved it when Gnaark became super-smart in a short-lived attempt to make him a viable character. I've added to the post a drawing I did of Gnaark in 2002, in color. At the time, I was creating a lot of custom action figures, with packaging. This was the art for the packing... I never did make a Gnaark action figure though! He's wearing the standard-issue jumpsuits worn by some of the Titans of this era, except he's so buff, he can barely fit into it.


Xavier said...

Gnaark? Never heard of him. He seems like a...nice character! :D

Tim Fish said...

ha ha... I've added another drawing of him from years ago. xt